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Need some SEO advice

Hi there!
I’m in need of some advice regarding SEO. Here’s the thing…
I’ve got a client who contacted me, asking what to do. He noticed that his competitors has started buying up many different domains, and on that domains they create a one page website, with backlinks to their main page.
My customer is now worried that this will cause him a worse ranking on Google, and then asking me if he should do the same thing.

I honestly don’t know what to tell him. Buying more domains, asking me to create four or five websites on these domains, with a link to the main site… it’s gonna be an aweful lot of money spent for my client…
So my question is. What would you guys advise my client to do? Would you go fir this solution, or would you recommend him to work even harder with key words and SEO on the current site? Any other suggestions you would be willing to share with me?
I’ll take all advices I can get on this issue.
BTW, his current ranking on Google is not bad, but it looks like he is getting fewer visitors now, then just a couple of months ago.

Thanks for all your help in advance.

Violating Google’s webmaster guidelines is never a smart policy. Can you afford to take a penalty?

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I would suggest to focus on making great content. And making great content even greater. SEO is changing more and more towards content and relevance.

Focus on authority with great and valuable links to your website, focus relevance and make so the UX is amazing for visitors. This will take time, but it will help immensely on the long run. You can also support SEO with SEA (GooglaAds, Bing etc.)

A simple tip I always give my clients is to incorporate a small FAQ list on every page that is significant. The reason being is that is helps users getting their relevant questions answered. Secondly this makes you findable via audio search, which is growing increasingly.

If you really need some SEO dedicated expert advise, Neil Patel is a great resource to stay on top of your SEO game.

I hope this helps.

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This indicates that he is willing to invest to improve his ranking. So, I would suggest the following for your client could decide after some research.

  1. Hire an agency to take care of the SEO.
  2. Hire a content writer who can produce relevant content for the blog as per trends.
  3. Run an Ads campaign.

Consider the costs involved in doing this v/s ethical value-adding strategies.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Hey @webdev , @creativecabin and @RohanGanachari.

Thank you SO much for your help and advices! This is all helping me a lot!



The Backlinks trick used to work, now it doesn’t. You can optimize the page, this is the best way for a good ranking.
That means first of all optimizing the navigation. What does the customer actually want on the site? Within 7 seconds the customer has made up his mind, so he must have found the link.
Then you need a unique content for each page, preferably a copywriter.
Many subpages around the topic/product always help, but also here content, unique!
As many internal links as possible.
Headlines with expressiveness, keep it simple.

Basically you have to inflate his page and ask yourself what the visitor wants or expects on the page.

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