Quickly locate and delete CMS collection connections

Sometimes when you’re working with a large, complex site with lots of CMS content, deleting individual collections or collection fields can be a pain. You can only delete them once you’ve tracked down the precise locations where these collections and fields are being used in your design.

To make this process less painful, we built a “connections manager” that lets you see every instance where a collection is connected to your designs. It also gives you the option to disconnect any instance of that collection in one click.

Disconnect any collection connection in one click.

To see existing connections, go to the settings of any one collection, and click on the “View Connections” button under your custom fields. In the popup modal, you can the pages, templates and symbols that are tied to your collection content, as well as each connected instance. Disconnect the instances one by one, and then revel in the fact that you can delete, delete, delete your collections and fields.

But delete with caution! Deleting collections and collection fields cannot be undone, and it will likely affect your designs.

Happy deleting!


Can you advise what to do if the connections manager will not show you where a connection is? I have deleted all the connections but now there is a phantom connection that is preventing me from deleting a field in my CMS collection.
Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 4.43.17 PM

Read only: Webflow - ObjectOrientedUX.com

This would be a lot more helpful if the collection field names were used instead of the field type.