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Quickly find and view CMS-connected pages and elements

Earlier this year we announced a new connections manager that lets you see everywhere a collection is connected to your designs. Today we’re sharing some exciting improvements that make it even easier to find, view, and/or delete your CMS connections.

The first release introduced the ability to:

  1. See each instance where a collection was connected to a design
  2. Disconnect any instance with one click

Now you can also:

  1. Quickly jump to a page in the Designer where the CMS connection exists
  2. Jump to the specific element in the Designer that’s connected to a CMS item

Easily find and go to a page where you’ve connected CMS content.

Go straight to any specific element that’s connected to a CMS field or list, no matter where it is on a page.

Once you delete a connection, instead of reverting to an empty div, the elements will now fall back to the default content associated with that element. Until now, deleting a connection would result in an empty div, and replacing content wasn’t as seamless of a process.

For example, if you delete a heading connection, the element will revert back to the default text, “Heading”.

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