"Used in bindings" Empty collection

Hi there having trouble deleting collections that are “used in bindings” which i cant locate.

So every empty collection needs to be deleted to not confuse my client when i set them up as an editor.

Which would leave charters and testimonials as the only remaining.


Hi @pdccreative

It looks like you still have some dynamic bindings on the site associated with those empty collections.

Latest offers collection has bindings in the settings of your collection page templates.

Then you can delete the categories reference field

You have a symbol called Fotter Section that has two dynamic lists with Latest offers and Events

Once all of those are removed you can refresh the Designer and you should be able to delete those collections.

Hope this helps!

Great, thanks for your help Brando

I managed to delete all but one, latest deals collection i can’t seem to locate any reference to it

Hi @pdccreative

I have performed a hard refresh of your site from this end.

You should be able to refresh the Designer and delete the Latest Deals collection.

Hope that helps!

Awesome thanks man all sorted!

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Just dropping a note in here that we’ve released a connections manager to help you locate any instance where a collection is connected to your designs. It also gives you the option to disconnect any instance of that collection in one click. :tada: