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Quick way to create lightbox gallery?

I have several high resolution images (50+) and I’d like to create a gallery page for a client’s website. On that page, we need a thumbnail for each image, and when you click the thumbnail, the image needs to come up on a lightbox.

The Webflow lightbox works perfectly for this. :sunglasses: The problem is, for each of these 50+ photos, I have to manually upload a thumbnail and an image. This gets very tedious. :persevere:

Is there any way to do this more quickly?

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there might be a cool way to implement flickr. @samliew made this a while ago:

maybe pull in data from flickr’s API pointing directly to a certain gallery/account rather than a search field

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Interesting! I’ll have to dig a bit deeper into that. I was hoping to keep everything inside Webflow for this project. :sunglasses: Much appreciated, Nelson!

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