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I’m just wondering if anyone has tried this before. With the news of the password protected pages coming next month, I am looking to bring over two photography websites that I currently host with SquareSpace.

A very good feature that they have is a multiple image upload, my client requires sometimes over 1000 images to be uploaded at once so their client can view their wedding photographs online.

Is this something that can be done in Webflow or with the CMS? To upload one image at a time is not viable as that would take hours and hours.

Any help appreciated.


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I have used nanogallery to allow for images to be dynamically added to an image gallery. The images can be hosted in Flickr, which makes it easy for the client to update albums from most any device. Here is an example for a test site which demonstrates the use of nanogallery in webflow. Sharelink

I’ve also successfully used nanogallery into another cms system (Adobe Business Catalyst) for many client sites, using both Flickr and the native CMS photogallery to actually host the images. I haven’t tried using the Webflow CMS to host individual images as of yet, but see no reason why this approach wouldn’t work as well.

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Hi @bmg,

Thanks for getting in touch. How easy is nanogallery to implement into Webflow and would I be able to host the images in Dropbox? The issue I’ve got with the Webflow CMS is that I would need to upload one image at a time and having on average 1000 images it’s just not viable.

the share link will give you an idea of how to implement into webflow. Take a look at one of the collection page templates to see where/how the externally hosted js and css is added in the head tag and before the closing body tag. The collection allows the client to define the album ID.

I haven’t used dropbox for image hosting and don’t know if nanogallery even supports dropbox. I suppose Flickr isn’t an option for you given security. The flickr albums shared with nanogallery must be set to public. Perhaps the upcoming zapier integration into webflow will help you in using something like nanogallery.

I have also used in the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS, haven’t tried this with Webflow as yet.

Photo gallery hosting is indeed a pain when you are trying to allow clients to easily update and maintain the gallery images. Flickr has been perfect for 99% of my clients who need this functionality, but then again security isn’t an issue in these applications like it would be for your photography clients.

@bmg very, very useful. It looks easy to implement and is a good solution for one of my problems :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!

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