Dynamic Light Box Photo Gallery

Hello! I am just starting a blog, and I’m just starting to develop my website.

I want to have a static page that I can easily upload photos to have an image feed within my website.

I thought the easiest way was to create an images collection and just upload photos one by one as if they were blog posts and then create a static page with a dynamic list linking to those posts.

However, I want people to be able to click these images to make them bigger, but I want it to be as easy for me as possible to upload new photos consistently.

here is the page I am working on: http://wanderlustencounters.com/photos

So far this is what I came up with but I don’t know how to make the images to show up in a lightbox.

Here is my public share link: http://wanderlustencounters.com/
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A little bit of custom code has to be in place to get this to work. You can see this in use on my site.

View the “Children” collection page template.

By looking at the collections and the custom code, you should be able to duplicate that on your site.

I believe I used this post to help me:

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