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Image Gallery with webflow

Hi Community,

im trying to add an image Gallery in a simple way. I already watched the tutorials for sliders and lightboxes. I guess it would be possible with the Lightbox tool, to connect different lightboxes (to get a thumbnail gallery)

But is there an easier way instead of adding picture by picture? Just like to add a lightbox and add more pictures at a time and it automatically creates thumbnails?


No Simple Way (Beside create manually Groups). Whole community is waiting for a solution for this issue (In backlog):

By CMS you find some ideas like this one (Still not so easy to manage):

-or- by custom code (But still no way to upload 20 images at once for gallery-X).

ok i see… but who knows when they goin to release that feature… just thinking about to buy a webflow membership or not… for me that would be a very important feature

If your site is not PURE Portfolio (With endless works and galleries) - Webflow advantages go up in the pitfalls. The community can help you solve any idea in general.

Some examples: