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Dynamic photo gallery 3rd party with lightbox

Hey all,

So my client wants a photo gallery that they’ll be able to upload their own photos to and that will be a grid on his site that has popup lightboxes when you click the photos. Pretty basic stuff.

I don’t want to use Webflow for this because Webflow won’t optimize the photos for thumbnails and large images automatically (and my client will be overwhelmed if I tell him he needs to optimize his images).

So I want to use a 3rd party tool for it, but places like Instagram and Flickr take you to their site when the photo is clicked instead of having a lightbox feature. I looked at using one of ElfSight’s apps, but it’s the same problem of not keeping the user on the website to click around from image to image.

What’s the best solution out there for a photo gallery in webflow?

Did you mention flickr? I got it working with Webflow lightbox component.

See how it was done here:

Wow, this is great, @samliew! How would I get this to work without the “search” part of it and hook up the photos with a flickr gallery?

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