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Quick question: Does eCommerce PLUS have 10 reference fields?

I just can’t find the answer anywhere (not good!). The price difference between Standard and Plus is too steep to “just try”.

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Can you provide an example of a reference field?

I’m not sure what you mean. There are single and multi reference fields within the Webflow CMS. On the standard plan you get 5. But how many do you get on the PLUS plan?

Thanks for the reply.
I’m not sure. Would this be for a product? Example: 10 variables the customer would be able
choose either as individual or from a list?

The Plus plan seems to be a far more expensive requirement just to get your additional 5 fields.

Actually, all of the plans have lots of limitations. It’s a great design platform that doesn’t have much flexibility for eCommerce.

May I ask how many products you’d like to sell on your site?

I know all the ins and outs and limitations of Webflow. At this point I just need to know how many fields the PLUS Plan includes. That’s about it.

Thanks anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take a look at the unofficial “Feature Availability & Limits” topic. Webflow is not consistent about publishing details. They link to the “features list” page in the University for the limit but don’t show it there.

► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits - Publishing help / Project settings - Forum | Webflow

I believe @vincent maintains a site that is more complete.

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Thanks @webdev
I already found that thread. But it’s quite old and doesn’t list the newer eCommerce plans. It only states: 1. Max number of references per collection: 5 ( 10 with business hosting) – which I already knew.

I mean really… why can’t they just write a complete feature list anywhere, where people can find it. Or answer emails. I just find that bad practice. Anyway… thanks Jeff. :slightly_smiling_face:

Totally agree. With all the funding they received this should be low hanging fruit to pick.

That funding goes into marketing and more funding at this point.

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Found it!

That is the one. While that site rocks, Webflow should be able to provide the equivalent information. Kudo’s to @vincent for laboring to do what Webflow hasn’t.


yes, thanks @vincent :heart:


Hi @Tobi_Huber!

The Ecommerce Plus site plan inherits limits from the Business site plan and would allow for a maximum of 10 references per collection.

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