Question about the CMS limitations

Hey guys,

I read the current limitations of CMS and need to understand them right.

Max number of references per collection: 5 (10 with business hosting)

Still didn’t get this after reading the post, what do you mean by references?

Max number of items per collection: 100

Lets say my CMS Collection called Portfolio Content whenever I create +Portfolio Content this is a new item? If so, when I need more then 100 is there a way to bypass this with a higher hosting/ whatever plan?

Max number of collection items per project: 50, (2000 with CMS hosting) (10,000 with business hosting, and additional items can be requested for $10/month)

I can create with the buisness plan 40 collections if I understood items right 40(collections)*100(items) is 4000 how could I do 10,000 in total if there is a already this limitation items per collection?

Max number of list items per collection displayed: 100
So again, if the maximum amount of items in a collection is 100 how should I anyways display more then 100? this information makes no sense…?

I’ll really appreciate some enlightenment here…
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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You build a collection structure with fields. Among those fields you can use a referenceor multi reference field, fields that reference another collection (ex categories). You can’t have more than 5 of those references to other collections.

Where did you see that? With CMS hosting I have collections with 1900 items. 1 collection, 1900 items.

I don’t think there is a limit of 100 items per collection so that should answer your questions #3 and #4.

Can you point me to where you’ve seen this limitation?

Check this page and click on VIEW FULL COMPARISON

► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

here you have the list

It has already been removed (see the strikethrough)…

I didn’t edit it out as it will change the numbering of the items in the list.

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Is there anyway to choose which 5 “references per collection” can be used? Is it just automatically taken from the first 5 collections created?

@eric594 yes… you determine your references

@ROOSTER i noticed you can only reference collections from the first 5 collections you make. So it seems you’d want to create those first. (The ones you use as references).

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and here i am with only 5 collections :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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