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Graphic Design College Student In Need of Help

I’m currently a college student and I wanted to purchase a template ( Prisma) and a site plan from Webflow. However, prior to buying the template I get this message in fine print before buying the template " You will also need an account plan to export the code". So, in order to fully use and customize the template that I bought to my own liking do I need to buy a site plan or account plan? I’m real confused about this and I just need help figuring this out before I buy the wrong plan. I hope this made sense.

PS: Since I’m a student, I received a discount code for the site plan but not for the account plan

If you do not need to export the codes, you do not need an account plan.

The template you mention used CMS. That means if you do not have an account plan (Webflow Designer tool), some functions will be limited.

You will also need a site plan (hosting on Webflow) to host a CMS enabled website and publish it with your domain as well when you finish.

Oh okay, now I kinda understand. So, if I just buy the account plan, where would you recommend a place for me to host my website if you have any ideas?

Webflow is only able to export the non-CMS parts of the websites you created.

If you used CMS functions and have some CMS enabled content on your website, they will disappear in your exported file.

So, as the exported site is just static, you do not even need a database to run your website, so any (cheap) hosting will be good enough.

Such as this one:

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Gotcha, so basically I just need to purchase an account plan on Webflow and cheap but secure hosting and I will be all set to customize and design my website the way I want to and connect a domain in which I previously purchased a while ago from Namecheap?

yup, that’s correct~

Okay, thank you so much! Btw I saw the hosting price for the site you gave me and $32.00 for hosting seems kind of expensive. I was hoping for maybe something under $10 but I could be looking in the wrong place lol

That is USD 8 per month, super cheap, yet stable, scalable and pro hosting.

We used it for most non-cloud projects before making more and more websites on Webflow.

Oh okay, I have some thinking to do. I have a Webflow student discount code for a site plan that is actually a few dollars cheaper than the hosting site you told me to check out; plus it’s a one time discounted price for the entire year up until next February. So I think it would make sense to buy a monthly account plan and purchase the site plan for a discounted price of $20 for a whole year (compared to paying the original which is very expensive) and then purchase the template. You think that’s a good idea?

PS: Sorry for all the questions, Im completely new to Webflow as you can tell lol

Yup, it’s always the best option if you could stick with Webflow’s ecosystem.

You could learn and build a lot of things on Webflow.

Yes, you only need the account plans if you want to export the codes.
@anthonychan2509 has guided you well on almost all your questions.
Thanks for guidance @anthonychan2509

@anthonychan2509 Then it’s all set. I’ll buy the template first, then the account plan, and then purchase the site plan using my discount code. Thank you so much for everything!

:+1: good luck webflowing

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