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Pricing - Designer and Hosting --- Confused


I am a little confused on how the pricing works.

So Webflow - there’s this designer which i can use to design my website. I was assume this basically specific to webflow.

Then there’s hosting cost.

I understand the hosting side. I was simply under impression webflow designer builds website specifically for webflow hosting. Is this not? If the designer builds websites that I can host it myself, where do i find the technical requirements?

I really need build a website with CMS capability for my agency business. Basically a website with few static pages and CMS capability for listing.

Hey @Jacky18,

So I struggled a little with this at the start, so I’ll break it down for you:

  1. The plan your account is on dictates what you can and can’t do with Webflow — such as: code export, multiple projects (websites), whitelabelling (so clients don’t know you use Webflow), etc… and these features can apply to ALL of your projects.

  2. The Hosting Plans are for hosting each project/site with Webflow (which I highly recommend), which depending on the plan gives free SSL, unlimited form enquiries, etc.

You CAN start on a free Account Plan and then pay for CMS hosting on your agency site.

So if saving money is important, than I’d suggest going down this path first.

Alternatively, you can keep using Webflow completely for free and host your project on their URL.

Hopefully that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hey @quarshcreative (Sean)

Thanks for the description.

so with the designer package, sounds like the Lite plan is adequate for me to use. Really for the enhanced preview. Free plan only allows 2 static page. There’s no mention of CMS limitation on free/lite/pro plans - so gonna assume that’d work on all plans

Hosting, probably the CMS hosting is enough for now. could be added later.

Based on this one, appears that I need

12 x $16 p.a (Designer)
12 x $16 p.a. (CMS hosting)

so looking just under $400 all up for this to work and ongoing basis.

Thanks fine for me, I paid a lot more for my current hosting for another business :smile:

Now… next hurdle… actually learning to use designer :joy::joy::joy:

Just to be clear, when you’re on a plan that allows you to export you can only export static data. So if you’re designing with collections that can’t be exported.

Please review CMS limitation for each specific hosting account level if you are planning to use collections ( - specifically Fields per Collection and References per Collection - not showstopper but nice to know before you start building data extensive site.

Thanks Ivan

The current pending question would really be, what constitute a CMS item. This will make a difference between the pro and business hosting plans for me.

I supposed I will just have to do some prototyping before my brain can fully understand them

Hi @Jacky18 Welcome to the community! :smiley:

a CMS item is like a blog post or a blog post author or a category, etc.

with the CMS hosting subscription, you’re allowed up to 2,000 CMS items and Business gives you 10,000.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Neilson

Thanks for the comment. Sort of raising more question! Lol

I can understand how a Blog post or category as a cms item, but author… how did it come about ?

when you add any type of new row of data into a collection, it is considered a CMS item. Here is an example of 50 CMS items:


this is an example of 1 cms item:


hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Nelson

Thanks for info. I’ll now just have to go play around at designer to fully understood but then, the screenshot helps ! :slight_smile:

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