Question about site transfer


I am Considering either a personal or pro account. It says that the pro includes site tranfer to clients. Would it work the other way, transferring to the pro account from a free account? I ask because I have 2 accounts, one for a personal site and one for clients. Obviously if i am paying for an account, Id love to have all of them in one account.

Is this possible?


I can transfer sites from my Personal account easily but I don’t know about Micro plan. Free plan doesn’t let you transfer sites - tried it with my friend a little ago.

Hi Dave, you can transfer sites if you are under the Pro account to any user that has a paid Webflow account. If you’ve trying to merge sites that you have on multiple accounts email support and we’ll be happy to take care of that for you. Just list the site’s subdomains that you want transferred and to which account.

Oh okay great Bryant. That would help me out a lot when I decide to pull the trigger.

Hello “bartekkustra”, I checked the Personal plan, the one I currently have and it does not allow to transfer sites. You mentioned you easily transferred sites in between your accounts, how did you manage to do this?
I need to create a site but I am not sure if I will able to transfer it later to my client, when they finally open and account with Webflow.

Hi @vicstat - transferring sites in between accounts is only available on the Professional plan.

So if I understand, Of the two parties, 1 should have the professional plan while the other can have the simple version?

Similar to OP, I have an old design that I need to move to a new owner but cannot activate the pro plan at this time. But it sounds like the new owner could have the pro plan and can simply add me to the team. Where upon, I will transfer the design to the pro owner.