Put image beside to text

Hi All, I’m trying put image beside to text in my first container

What best way to do this?

Thanks, Omer.

Here is my site Read-Only: My portfolio

Hello @Omer_Harel the best way to do this is create 2 divs inside a big div.
Create a container or div, then set the properties to flex then space around.
Inside this div then create two divs, one on the left will be used for text, the other will be used for the image. If you share the read-only link (editable, you shared the published version) then I can show you what that looks like. Hope that helps!

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Ok, I will share it with you.
Link updated!

it says page not found @Omer_Harel were you able to figure this out? I still can’t access the link

My portfolio

Hi @Omer_Harel!

Looks like you did it the right way! :wink:

You can generate your read-only link here:


Read only link [https://preview.webflow.com/preview/omer-harel?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=omer-harel&preview=a68a628fb0dbd28a11b93c82aa8802fd&mode=preview](http://My Portfolio)

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@Omer_Harel, I highly recommend you to add another div inside the Hero Section and put those two divs inside of it.

Your structure should be like:

~ hero section
~ ~ new div
~ ~ ~ wa-image-box
~ ~ ~ wa-text-box

Another tip I have is to set the padding of the outside div (new div) instead of setting magin on the divs inside.

Hi, Thank you so much I did what you recommended me to do, added new div.

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Now, I need help to align my footer with content.

So… The new div you created can be renamed as “container”. Use this container on every section you create, including the footer. Doing that, all the sections will have the same alignment.

Ok, I think its fine, you can check it now.

Yes it is! Congrats! :clap: