Layout help for practical positioning

I was able to position the image rigth there like in the read-only link, and still have it within a container, namely the container that has the class “container-medium”

I wanna do the same thing but on the left side just like in the image below

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Your use of flex on Div Block 14 is good for the layout. You’d just swap the positions of its immediate children to make the image go on the left. Or you can reverse the flex direction.


  • Separate your page layout from your content. You’ll have more sizing & positioning control if you wrap about_text-content in a DIV. That way your position of the text area as a whole is managed by a parent element, and you don’t have to mess with the element handling your text arrangement.
  • Avoid max-width settings of any kind, unless you actually need it.
  • Decide on your image size by using its parent container Div Block 15, e.g. width: 45%
  • Always think ahead about how you want your layout to responsively change for mobile, esp. portrait. You’ll make better layout choices on the desktop if you’re planning ahead a bit.