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Creating a module with text on top of image

Hi everyone, I’m wondering what the best approach to get text to sit on top of an image. Here is an example of what I’m looking to achieve:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

You can either set the background color to the parent div and give it unequal border radius with percentages. Or, place a image inside the div as a background image.

See an example here:

Or ypu can use absolut position for the text

Thank you so much! The last thing I’m struggling with is getting the text to stay centered. I’m using Flex box on the Div containing the text and shape.

Can you share the Read-Only link?

Very weird, but I don’t see the ability to share in my dashboard. Sorry to keep bothering you, you’ve been so helpful already. This is my first attempt at a site on webflow.

Not sure why don’t have the share option, have you published the site already?
Additionally you can go to the project settings and you should have there on top the share option.