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It may be very easy but i can’t find the way to do it. What i want to do is basically puting an image next to a text.

I’ve tried with background image, but it’s not responsive and the paragraph need to have the height of the image however it will be cropped.
I’ve also tried with float:right but it didn’t work. Even with rich text.
I could put the image as a background image of the section/container but it’s still not going to be responsive (the text get over the image).

Here is my site :
in “Dans tous les domaines”, i want to have the image next to the heading and the paragraph.

Thanks for you help, webflow is truly an amazing tool :smiley:

(English isn’t my native language tho)

I’m not totally sure about this since I can’t see your structure, but it looks like if you put a column into your section, you could put the header and text into the left column and your image into the right column.
Something like this if you wanted the left side to have more space than the right. It should work on all devices as long as you tell it to remain in a two-column state throughout. I believe it starts to default to rows on the phone landscape.

Hope this helps.

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It did work exactly as needed, thanks ! (and yep it seems to work on all devices)

Problem solved :smiley:

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I looked at it after you put the columns in, and now your text is stretched across the screen, starting on the left side. If you want it to look that way, that’s fine, but if you want it centered in the browser, you’ll need to add a container as well.

Pull a “container” into the section where you currently have your columns. You can stack it on top of your columns. Then drag your row containing your columns into that section. That will center your info more nicely.

Do your structure should now be:
Then Container,
Then Columns.

If it confuses you to add a container while your other stuff is still floating around in there, you might want to start over on that section. :smile:

Hope this helps, and sorry I wasn’t clearer earlier.

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I didn’t have time to place the text and image so i just tried columns quickly, but thanks again i’m not sure i would have used a container. Thanks for your reactivity too. :slight_smile:

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