Pull text from a Plain Text field to appear in the Email subject

I read in the tutorial :
But check this out: we can type in a standard subject line, or we can even automatically pull text from a Plain Text field to appear in the Email subject.

But how to do that? I know the method using custom code, but I want it without it. It’s real?

Thank you for pointing out the inconsistency between the video and transcript.

To do this requires the custom code method. What is your reservation in using this method? Maybe I can help.

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Thank you. I don’t have a reservation, I was just curious :slight_smile:

old conversation but the most relevant I’ve found.

I followed the steps from the HTML embed method but I can’t seem to get my chosen link into the email subject field. The “Contact Me” button loads gmail but subject is still empty.

Any help greatly appreciated. This simple feature has consumed too much time.

read only link:

@Thomas_Estess, slow to the party here, but did you figure this out?

From looking at your site, it appears you’re using a button and not an html embed. The button is the html embed.

You can place a button image in the html embed by using a “src” in the html.

This article was helpful: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML/Introduction_to_HTML/Creating_hyperlinks