Text-link in CMS paragraph

This is probably super easy and intuitive, but for some reason I can’ figure it out:

How can I have a text-link in a paragraph that pulls text from the CMS?
It won’t even let me <span> the desired text to create a text-link element.
Un-binding the paragraph doesn’t help as it just shows a dummy copy.

Even if I can solve that in the designer, I wonder how I can make it for the client so that they can easily create the link on the fly in the CMS or editor.

Here’s an example screenshot.
The desired text in this particular case would be Poplar, but I need to be able to do that for other products as well.

Help appreciated!
Thank you!

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HI @Rapha you can create link in RTE field in your CMS

Thanks, Stan.
I wish I had used RTE in CMS sooner. Lesson learned.

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