Button: Mailto email and subject line in Collections

Is there any way from Collections to add email address and subject link when a mailto button is created?

For example: I am working on a job page and the client wants the ‘APPLY’ button to open the email application of candidate with the email address of job poster and subject line with job reference number.

Is this possible? If not what do you recommend is the best solution in this instance?

Thanks for your help.


Any help with this one please?


Is there a different form for each job announce ?

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Here’s my share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/wearepug?preview=a44ba140ea3772c3b3d8877adfcea26a
The APPLY button you will find on this job collections page: http://wearepug.com/jobs/dt001

It’s not a form, it’s just a button that opens your mail application. I want o be able to assign the job poster email address along with a specific subject line. Currently the same button is on every page, meaning I can only send the job application to one email with one subject line.

Does that make sense?


Ok sorry, yes it does.
You can change your subject of your mail with custom code, using data from your collection.

  1. Custom a div for your button.
  2. drag a new html embed code editor in your collection page.
    Put this inside:

<a class="w-inline-block THE NAME OF YOUR BUTTONN DIV" href="mailto:no-one@blablabla.com?subject=DATA VIA ADD FIELD"></a>


At the top right corner there is an Add field purple link when your are in collection pages

For your example, you can target your ID in the collection to the subject of the mail.

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If you also want to change the mail, same thing you just do this

At this point if you get it you should also understand that with this little option things can go CRAZY with collections

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Thanks for this but how do I ‘Custom a div for your button.’ please?

And when you say ‘drag a new html embed code editor in your collection page.’ is this for the button?

Sorry, it’s not clear to me.

Thanks for your help.


Any help again with this @zbrah please?

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Hey @76kid ,

what i mean is.
Create new button buttonfor example

Style it

Next put a new embed in your project.

Put the code i gave you inside and change the class with button

And then use the dynamic field to change the object of the mail and the email.

You can delete the button div

And now you have your magic button


Thanks Zbrah, you’re a super star! Works perfectly now.

I just have a quicky, in the header I have an upload CV button. When that’s submitted it goes through to the generic email address you specify in the Webflow dashboard for forms. How can I change this so it goes through to a different email address like cv@wearepug.com please?

I’m sure this is pretty straight forward for you.

Thanks so much for your help.


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Any thoughts on this one please @zbrah?

Hey @76kid,

I’m on mobile right now so I can’t take a look a your read only link. You want to change the email for your form ? Can you explain with more detail please so I can understand without seeing your site :nerd_face:

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Appreciate your help with this.

From what I understand in the Website Settings, the Forms section there’s only one email address for all forms on the website. I have a form on the contact page which this email address is associated with.

However, I also have a form when a user uploads their cv via the ‘Upload CV’ pop-up which also comes through to the same email address specified above. My client wants this CV upload form to send emails to a different email address.

So I want to know if this is possible please? Does this make sense?

Thanks for your help.



Hi @76kid

Yes I’ve got this. Unfortunately you can’t add another mail for the form.
BUT what you should do is :
Give a specific name for this form. Go to the webflow settings and add the form name in the object of the mail {{formName}}
On your mail app or directly on your mail privider, add a specific filter for mail object = yourformname
And redirect on your second mail address.


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