Populate paragraph or text field in a form with data from collection item

Hi Webflow Community,

Does anyone have a custom code workaround to make a CMS field auto-populate a paragraph/text form field?

I know @sabanna had this tip back in 2016: “try to add “hand-coded” form in the dynamic embed code and place dynamic data into values of the input tags in that form.”

Has anyone ever done this though or would be able to write up a custom code snippet to make it work?

Thanks so much!

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Hi, Paul!
Could you give a bit more details or an example of what are you trying to create?

Hi @sabanna!

Thanks for reaching out!

Below is an example of the settings panel inside of my Webflow account. As you can see, it pre-fills in my information into text boxes so I can change/update them when I need to.

I would like to make something similar where a CMS collection item auto-fills a text/paragraph field. I will then create a zap where if they press a submit button it will update the Live CMS collection item.

I’m sure it will take custom coding but I would appreciate any advice!


For now, this only possible by using embed code inside the form. (I assume that form is on the dynamic template page)

I was wondering though if you had any suggestions on the route I should take using embed code inside of a form.

And correct, this picture would be on a dynamic template page.

It looks like in 2016 you had some suggestions on how to make this possible… do you have any examples of a code snippet I could embed to make this possible?


I would be something like this:

    <input type="text" id="some-id" name="some-name" value="connect-dyn-field-here">

Thanks @sabanna! This works perfectly.


Hi I’m trying to use this but I’m not sure what to replace with the value

I want to use it to prefill in data for a form, this will change with each collection item


Please check this article