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Multiple projects pointing to the same domain

Hi there.

I’m using webflow to create landing pages for several countries.

I have to make around 50 landing pages for each of the countries with editors helping me do the translations (12 countries).

I want to have separate proyects for each country. But I can’t point them to the same domain.

Is there a way for me to connect each proyect to a domain/subdomain?


You can create subdomains at your registrar (the service where you handle your domain) and link them to different Webflow projects. e.g.

Are you sure you can’t use the CMS to generate your landng pages (you’d input titles, texts, images and so on), use a Slug field to control your URL (so that each CMS page can be served by a URL like

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I didn’t tried using a CMS for landing page generation.

I normally create a page duplicate of the landing page I use as a template and then I change the content. I will look into your suggestion.


You can design various section on your landing pages, and for each landing page, set data for each of the different designs, then use conditional visibility to hide and show sections depending on their data is set or not. This way, your landings can have different design, depending on what they need. You can also set multiple collection for landing types.

I’m reading a this blog posts:

Is this what you’re talking about?