Publishing to a custom domain does also publish to other registered custom domains

Hello guys,

i recently was working on my workspace for developing a new website. I already have another website in the same workspace, that i am successfully publishing on a custom domain as of rn.

Now that i transfered the basic plan from one website to another website, i wanted to publish the new website to a new custom domain, as i thought, that my other website won’t be changed in any way, if i do not publish it again.

I have registered a new custom domain, which I also marked as “default”. When i publish the new website inside of my designing window to my new custom domain, it does publish to my old custom domain as well, which is really confusing.

How can I have two different websites, that are published to two different custom domains?

Thanks in Advance,

You can publish to as many domains as you’d like. You can also uncheck those you do not want to publish to and/or you can remove the unneeded domains in your project settings.

Thanks for the quick answer! In my publish window i only see 1 custom domain in the Production tab, the one that i have marked as default in the dashboard Publishing settings.

In total I have 2 different custom domains registered in my workspace.
But nonetheless it does publish to all custom domains at the same time, so my previous website, that has been published gets overwritten with the new website.

Port of Folio is right that Webflow lets you publish domain separately, but this only works if you do not have a default domain set. Unfortunately over the past two years it has become much more reliant on having a default domain set.

  • Some sites just won’t work at all without it, you’ll too many redirects or www.www.
  • Sitemaps don’t work, so it’s useless for SEO purposes, they’ll all get one domain and it will effectively be random ( and change randomly on publish )
  • Some features like Logic will really struggle having discontinuities between multiple staging and prod environments

I can’t even guess what side-effects might crop up for ecom and localization today under that kind of configuration.

If the sites are different, you need two separate sites, hosted separately.

If it’s the same site, and you’re keeping it current, but you want multiple different domains and sitemaps e.g. for SEO or whitelabeling purposes, I build a reverse proxy for these to make the adjustments I want, while the underlying data is consistent.

What is the end goal that you’re trying to achieve?

That was the solution, thank you so much. I didn’t know that i had to unset this, when i added my second custom domain.

I was just usnsure, if I can have multiple websites hosted on custom domains i own with the same basic plan. So if i would use more websites in the future, i can always transfer the plan to the website I’m working on if i want to publish that and all my other websites are still online, right?

If it works for you, cool. Be careful about those SEO impacts, I don’t do this on client sites anymore.

You keep saying “multiple websites” which really isn’t clear. If it’s the same site, you’re all good. If it’s the same site, but for some reason you’re publishing to different domains at different times to try to create some differences, that’s very fragile and now how Webflow is designed. Some features just won’t work properly across those sites. Things like publishing an individual CMS item will probably affect all sites. Someone coming in with the Editor… who know what impacts that would have.

No. You need one plan per site for hosting. If you remove that plan from your current project, all of those domains will go dark.

In your situation here it sounds like you’re trying to game the system to try to create, host, and maintain several very-similar sites on a single hosting plan? That will be very difficult to do successfully and admin would be a nightmare. I don’t recommend trying to build production sites this way.

no i do not want to game the system or anything like that. I just want to know what is possible and what not with one and the same plan, since it is possible to transfer it.

I only want to use static websites, with static content, no CMS and no user-registration functionality. And SEO is not required for the websites.

By multiple sites I mean different websites hosted on the same plan, with different custom domains connected to.

So for example i create Website A and let it be displayed at custom Domain A.
then i create Website B and let it be displayed at custom Domain B.
Both websites are hosted still within the same Plan and same workspace of webflow.
I’m finished with Website A and have published it to Domain A and i want to know if it is okay, that i transfer the plan from Website A to Website B in order to publish it on Domain B, but still having Website A published on Domain A.

Is that legally allowed or not?

One hosting plan for each site.

When you transfer the plan from A to B, A will no longer be hosted.

Allright, thank you! Then i will just use webflow for developing and host it at the custom domains itself. Thanks for your answers!