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How do I Publish Multiple Websites?

Hi there, I have a free account with 2 websites I want to publish. I was wondering if this is possible and if not what site or acct plan would I have to upgrade to in order to publish 2 or more websites? Thank you very much.

I am new to Webflow and tried looking at the acct and site plan features but can’t find an answer to my question.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The Free Account plan allows you to have up to two unpublished sites at any given time, which means that as soon as those are hosted with Webflow and published to a domain they won’t count against your limit.

The Lite Account plan is what you’ll want to look into if you want more active unpublished sites (up to 10), and you’ll also get the ability to export projects to host elsewhere and more static pages for your staging ( sites.

Hi Mikey, thank you so much! Just want to clarify what you’re saying, so I can publish my two sites at the same time using Webflow domains and they will both be up and running available to the public and then I can also make 2 more all on the free account?

Correct, there isn’t a limit to the amount of published, custom domain sites you have, only unpublished, domain websites.

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Hi Mikey! I’m using the free account and I tried to publish my one site so I could add another unpublished but it didn’t work. It says I have to upgrade to Lite Plan or add hosting to an existing project. I thought if I published the website web-flow automatically adds hosting. Can you help me out? Also, I was wondering if I pay month to month and then transfer one site to another account and cancel after a month would the other person still be able to access the site?

So just to confirm, you only have a single unpublished site and it’s asking you to upgrade to a Lite Account plan before publishing it to the .io staging domain? Does the project have more than 2 static pages or 50 CMS items by chance?

In terms of adding hosting, you need to choose to add this before you can publish to any other domain. Webflow will guide you through the process—by showing you the following in the Publish dropdown within the Designer—but it’s not really “automatic”:


Clicking that will take you to the Project Settings > Hosting screen in the Dashboard (or you can go there manually) where you’ll choose the plan and then gain the ability to add a custom domain:

Regarding month-to-month hosting and transferring, once you initiate a transfer it will un-publish the project and disconnect any custom domains. That means that whomever receives the transfer will need to add a Site plan and custom domain after the transfer is completed. They would be able to access the site in the Designer, but not publish it to a custom domain (until they add a Site plan) or .io staging domain (unless it falls within the maximum pages/items in the free tier or they have a paid Account plan).