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Domain Publish two domains

Hey everyone usually when i publish a website i only see one domain but this time i see both with and without www I was wondering if i need to publish to both or just to one for best SEO practices. When i publish to both does it mean I’m publishing two duplicates?

Hello CerkaB,

long story short: You don’t need to publish for both domains, usually your DNS Provider will forward automatically to the main site.

Also, you might want to define a main version in the project settings hosting tab, if you haven’t already. The option should then disappear.

Concerning SEO, it probably won’t matter. If you want to play it safe, use the www-version.
More details about these questions can be found in this article for example and in many others.

Hope this helped!


Hello community and hello @LeWolf,

I have the same issue with my website. And even though I included the correct DNS settings in my domain provider (GoDaddy), the domain without www is not working. That’s why I published my website to both the domains, one including www and the other without.

Since I believe only publishing it on one website is better, I would like to fix that. But I have no idea why, because the DNS setting is setup up but without the www in front of the domain, the website would not be visitable.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Philipp_Dressler,

first things first, I can reach your website without the www prefix, so this might be a client-based problem, like a confused browser or something similar.

Assuming your screenshot is up to date, you would still need to set one of the two domains as your default one. Hover right next to the domain names and a gray box “Make Default” should appear. Choose one default and webflow will automatically set it as your main site.

As I said in the post above, SEO-wise it will probably not matter which one you choose.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hey Leon,

thanks for your super swift response. Indeed, you can reach the website without the www prefix but only because I published the website on “” AND on “”. When I would unpublish “”, this would not work anymore, even though I setup the DNS records.

Thanks, cheers