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Multiple Domains

I am trying to point multiple domains to one project, I used to have the ability to “publish to all my domains” in the editor. at “choose publish destination”, now I don’t seem to have all my options available. what happened? did I toggle something off? also my multiple domains used to work, now they don’t. I am only able to use one.

We can’t see project settings even if you shared a read only. With nothing to look at it is hard to render an opinion. The guidelines for this category call for sharing screenshots and as much info as you can. Try starting with that.

I took a screen shot but can’t see where to post it

sorry it’s my first time in this forum, wasn’t sure of all the tools yet, screen shot posted

When you have multiple custom domains pointed to Webflow they all redirect to the one you have set as the default. You can’t publish separately except to the subdomain.

yes they used to redirect, but this morning they didn’t. at “choose publish destination”, I used to have like 4 choices, now I only have two, the webflow address and my default domain.

I tested one and it was redirected just fine.

You did not provide links to them or a list of them in your post and I have better things to do that type what I see in an image.

SORRY, I’ll try to do better next time I post.

No worries. Is your issue now resolved?

for the most part, I am just waiting for one more domain to finish resolving.
Mahalo for your assistance.