How can I move my ecommerce site plan to a different site?

Hi I’m new to Webflow and I’ve been tinkering with my 1st website and added an eCommerce plan to it.

I decided to buy a template and want to transfer that plan to my template site which I plan to edit and make my main official site.

How do I move the site plan to the other template site?

In the system, a “Site” is inextricably linked to its “CMS”, its “Hosting config” and its “Billing Plan.” You can’t move a hosting config over to a new site, or share a CMS between multiple sites, Or shift a billing plan over.

Unfortunately you’ll have to set everything up for your hosting again, including redirects, favicon, domains, etc.

What you can do is contact support, and see what the current guidance is on transitioning to a new site. In the past when I’ve brought up Site B to replace Site A, they’ve been able to credit the remaining pro-rated hosting on Site A.

Thanks! I reached out, I’m waiting to hear back. Fortunately, I was just kinda playing around to see how everything worked and didn’t do any major designing.