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Stop one page being published while I work on it?

I’m currently making some quite significant changes to one of the pages on our site (the page is already live). It will probably take me a day or two to finish, but what if someone wants to publish some changes to other pages in the meantime - is it possible to stop one page from being published? I cant put the page into draft mode, because it’s already live. Thanks

Unfortunately there is currently only two types of publishing—publishing an item (which is for items within the CMS or e-commerce side of things) and site-wide publishing. I would love this system to be updated but based on the (limited) knowledge I have on how the sites are compiled for publishing I’m not sure it’s an easy thing to accomplish.

On suggestion in the meantime (that would unfortunately require a bit of hindsight) is duplicating the page you need to work on and keeping this new copy as a Draft. Now you can make all the changes you’d like—assuming you’re not altering classes being used on your old page—without them being updated on the live site if someone ends up publishing the project along the way. Once you’re done with the updates, just swap out the two versions and publish the project to make all the changes live. Obviously this isn’t the best option, but it may help for future large-scale page changes.

I have been hesitant to recommend the Wishlist recently, but I’ve heard from a number of folks at Webflow that there is some work going into improving it so I feel more comfortable recommending that you throw some support behind the existing idea below:

Thanks for the reply guys, I’ve logged my vote on the Wishlist.

@mikeyevin I considered the idea of creating a copy of that page, and in fact have done that in the past for standard pages. The problem is my page is a CMS collection page - can I make a copy of that? I’m not sure, I’ve never tried. I guess I’ll take a look… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ah yeah there’s currently no way to duplicate collection pages—in fact, these can’t be in “Draft” either—so unfortunately there’s no way to be able to prevent those updates from being pushed live when you publish the project.

For similar situations I’ve had on projects in the past I will just prioritize updates to a specific time frame and communicate with my clients that publishing should be avoided while they are being worked on. Typically it only disrupts things for a few days at most and typically they are accommodating as long as I keep them in the loop.

Given how common this type of feature is among other platforms I’d love to see it updated down the road but until then we’ll have to just cross our fingers that it’s possible and on their radar.