How to publish a single page to production when my homepage is under development

I have a single page webflow website that is going through a redevelopment, which is on staging. Still a lot of work to do on it, it’s our homepage. In the meantime I have added a new different page to my website that I would like to publish immediately. It’s nothing to do with the homepage. How can I publish only this page, I dont want to publish the whole site? Can this be done without publishing the whole site?

There are two techniques I use to get around this limitation.

Do page redesigns on an alternate page, and mark it draft or remove it from the sitemap ( new WF feature yay ). Build until its ready, then backup your existing page, draft it, and manually copy-paste the elements and script over from your “build” page to the “live” page.

For smaller changes you can build directly into the “live” page, duplicate and modify sections or elements as much as you like. Then use SETTINGS visibility ( not style display none ) to hide the sections that aren’t live yet, before a production publish.

I use approach 1 for major long-term redesigns, especially that involve major custom code changes. Approach 2 for lighter, faster redesigns with few dependencies, or for collection pages ( which you can’t clone ).

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