Public pages based on payments

Hi community,

I am creating a website (like matching people app) where a user can register and once they pay the rest of the people can see his/her page/profile.
I have checked that Memberstack hide/unhide the content if this is logged and do the same for the level of payments, but I have not seen that if that person pays the content is visible for the rest.

Do you know if this is an option in Memberstack there is no way to do that in webflow?


Memberstack can do, but it would be done in the same way you’d do with Webflow alone.

What you need to do is create a CMS item (the page / profile) AFTER they pay.

Once that CMS item is created its public.

You can use Memberstack for this or a Stripe Payment link. The solution is that after the payment (on either platform) you send a Webhook through a glue service (Make/Integromat/Zapier) to create that CMS item.

The Webhook is the crucial part, here’s a tutorial for setting those up:

And not exactly what you’re asking for, but this should give you some helpful guidance if you want to use Memberstack and a glue service with a Webhook (tutorial above):

Hope that helps!

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