Automating Postings: Updating CMS Status After Stripe Payment

Let’s see if the community can help me with this. I’m creating a form with logic that allows members to create posts on a website. However, each post has a field in the CMS that can be set to Posted: YES/NO. By default, it would be set to NO and could only be changed after making a payment in Stripe. What I would like to automate through a Stripe webhook is this function. Once the payment is made, this field in the CMS is updated, and therefore, the person’s post becomes available. Any ideas on how this could be possible?

Hi Alejandro,
There are a lot of details missing here.

If you’re trying to design this as a one-off operation, where a user visits the site, makes a payment and submits a post, you’ll want to center it all on the purchase transaction. You can probably do that with Webflow e-com and custom fields, perhaps. Otherwise look into as an option.

You may be able to two-step that, i.e. get the CMS data and then take payment.

One of the big missing thing here is user identification and accounts. If they leave and come back, or need to modify or delete or extend a posting, they can’t.

Typically what you’re describing would full under the model of a classified ads type system and I’d recommend Wized + Xano for building it. That way you get user accounts, history, payment, data security, the whole bit.

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As @memetican said, you will likely need to go down the web app route here, with logic set up on tools like Wized and Xano, and a database with user info in the database that Xano provides.

Both tools have a lot of lessons and tutorials on their respective YouTube channel. It’ll take a good amount of learning and practice to get going if you’re not used to web app development, but if you can pull it off you will vastly increase your Webflow web dev abilities by being able to build web apps!