Membership Beta _ tiered membership

Good day,
for those who work with membership beta. Does it allow to hide/show a certain piece of the Article depending on the membership type the user has?
Or only allows showing/hiding the FULL article?


No, not at the moment, and not even showing/hiding a full article.

Its use (so far at least) is to gate pages - both static and cms collection pages.


I have something similar. I want to create a user page that is invite only, not paid feature. The idea is to provide user a custom page with custom information that comes from CMS library.
Will give an example:
I want to give to each employee a login user, when they log in they see information about their activity like how many hours worked, how many vacation days left, and so on… The data will be obtained from a CMS library.
Basically, each user has his own page with content that only he can see.

Thank you!

Hi @Evgheni_Liuft ,

Unfortunately, Webflow does not have built-in support for that.

It can be built on top of Memberships BETA, but it involves a lot of custom code to pull the data from external sources ( airtable, google sheets, and APIs ). Unless you love async programming, have a look at Memberstack for simple dashboards, and also at Wized+Xano for more complex ones.

Note also that using the Webflow CMS for this actually complicates things because there is no user-to-CMS-item gating yet, and the Webflow API is heavily rate-limited. There are ways to create that using the Member webhooks and automation, but you lose security on those views, and Andrew probably shouldn’t see Bertrand’s salary info.

For simple, casual projects, sometimes we’ll store links to user data in e.g. Google Sheets or Airtable, and then pull that pull the data into Webflow using AJAX. If that scenario works for you, you can access user data site-wide using this library.


For what you’ve described, your best approach is to use Memberstack. If you need to use the Webflow CMS, you can use a glue service (Zapier, Make, Integromat, etc…) to that data and serve it up through Memberstack.

Here are a few screencasts that walk through setting this up…

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for your help @memetican @ChrisDrit! I will research these options!

This is one of the options I’ve found just was wandering if Webflow membership is up to something like this. I have no problem with integrating third part services the only problem is that $25/month feels like a lot for a feature that doesn’t really bring any real benefits for the business. I guess I have to review this option as I don’t find it sustainable

There are other options, but they all have a cost. If that doesn’t work for you, you can glue this together yourself. But that option seems a bit unrealistic for you’ve described.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you :grimacing: