Basic Payment Features WITHOUT eCommerce Plan

Hi guys,
I need some help from the veterans of the community: I am creating an Online Courses Website. The users will pay to access the content on the website. Now, my problem is, that I only pay for the 16$ CMS plan, which seems to be the perfect solution to me, as I am not creating a shop, but rather I focus on the CMS and to have access to the material from the website, one has to pay. The idea is rather to create a Web App where people can learn new things. Therefore, I don´t want to pay for an eCommerce Plan.

Now, what can I do to use some basic payment features (people select the course ->checkout->payment) with my 16$ CMS Plan?
Does Webflow give me access to those features on the eCommerce plan or do I have to integrate in a way? Are there any basic Webflow integrations that don´t cost a fortune (or even for free)?

Check out Memberstack, it sounds like exactly what you need. It does cost money, but you’re paying for a service at the end of the day - I doubt you’ll find a free option here if you want to gate content to paying subscribers.

Here’s a great video course on how to set up a website of the type you’re describing.

Hope this helps!

Try to check ecwid. It’s free for limited items and you can easily integrate with webflow