Creating a membership site

I am trying to create the following workflow on my site.

  1. User selects a plan on the home page
  2. Gets redirected to a login page
  3. Creates an account/gets redirected to paying

I want to put everything behind a subscription, and make sure that a user is able to access his dashboard after he/she subscribes. How do I make it possible?

Can anyone suggest some materials that help cover this topic? I tried searching the past forums and some youtube videos, but couldn’t figure it out yet

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes, but in a different order;

  1. User chooses plan
  2. Gets redirected to ecommerce checkout to purchase and pay
  3. Is then sent through the membership sign-up process

Just read the Memberships pages in Webflow-U.

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Hi @ayush_kumar

You could give Webflow Memberships (tutorial) a try, but you’ll be a bit limited with what you’ve described. It’s in beta and getting closer to what you’ve asked for, but not there just yet.

Your best bet at the moment is to use Memberstack for this. Here are some screencasts walking through what you’ve asked for:

Hope that helps!

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