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Public or Private Website?

So basically I want to use Webflow to make my own website/blog as a challenge for myself without using a web designer (I’m very particular about the aesthetic). However I’m wondering, Public lists your website as something that can be ‘cloned’ by everyone, which I don’t want. Private lists is as something that ‘only you can see’.

So what is the best option here for me? I want to make a normal website, that other people view, but don’t edit.



This can be a bit confusing.

Once published you can choose weather your site is private or public. Private means it wont appear in your Webflow profile. It can be found by search engines and anyone who has the link.

A public site is like the private site but does appear in your Webflow profile. IF you go this way you can choose weather or not you will let other users clone the site.

If you choose to turn off cloning then the site will be listed in your profile but will count to your private site limit.

Does that make sense?

Let me know if you still have questions and I will try and clarify. :smile:


Wow this is a perfect description.

Thanks a lot Alex!

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