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Sharing website with client BUT not public for all eyes / everyone?

Hi, my JTBD (Jobs to be done) here is simple

Show my client how the site is progressing, I want to

I clicked the publish button, and this is the link it gave me, but I get a 404 file not found ;(

Also, I don’t want anyone / everyone to be able to see this, so how do I go about this without it being added to a discovey page like this >

With the new Nov 19th Dashboard, here are some option s I’m looking at, I just don’t fully understand the repercussions of it being shared with the Public?

pls help

“The Password Protection functionality is enabled for sites that are managed by Webflow users that are on the Webflow Professional Plan or higher.”

@LvnLife For sharing with clients, it’s the same process as it was before - just keep your site Private and publish it - share the published link only with your client.

@PixelGeek’s suggestion of using password protection is also good, but the main point is that you don’t need to make your site Public in order to share it with your client. Hope that makes sense!

As far as I understand, making a website Public only means it appears on your Designer profile in Webflow.

Before publishing the site, you also may want to prevent robots from indexing it:


Hi @ant and all. Just a comment: Be very careful when using the Robots.txt option. Once google reads that you have block on the search crawl, it can be some time before Google updates their crawl settings for the site once you remove the robots.txt file and want your site to start appearing in search results.

You can use Robots.txt, no problem, just be aware of this. Webflow does not control how Google manages those sites that have been excluded from search results using the Robots.txt option. Once you remove the Robots.txt option, you should always immediate go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit a new site map and re-crawl your site, to get Google to start crawling your site again.

Cheers, Dave

Yes. You’re right! My comment was meant primarily for projects that use http://[Project Name] just for client review purposes with the mindset of uploading the final project to the client’s domain. That was not clear, however.

I learned that the hard way when Google indexed a not-for-production prototype site I was doing for a client. As I was designing the site in webflow, I put the client’s business name in an <h1> tag on the design along with his address. Since I hadn’t given any instructions in the robots.txt file, Google picked it up & added it to the index. D’oh!

After I finished the site, I uploaded it to the client’s domain but then had to submit a removal request for http:/[Project Name] & then wait for it to drop out of the index. D’oh! again.

Lesson learned. Anytime I publish a site for client review I make sure the robots.txt file is setup. Since the robots.txt file is not exported from webflow, uploading everything to the client’s domain is all I need to do. Google picks it up there & puts it in spot #1 (hopefully haha)

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