Clear explanation of cloning

What exactly does cloning do? Is there any tutorial? I see I can clone sites, but can I clone individual pages, elements within pages, etc? If I write a public, cloneable blog (with blog posts as dynamic data), does that mean others can clone my entire blog, include layout and individual blog posts?

Sorry if these are basic questions and if it’s addressed somewhere else - I looked around the FAQ’s and browsed all the tutorials and didn’t see anything that would obviously help me. A short video explaining all these things would be super helpful, especially teaching people how to clone stuff from other places, and what the boundaries of cloning are (especially if dynamic data can be cloned; if so it seems like no one would seriously make a free blog with this platform because all of their content could be so easily cloned which could really mess with SEO etc).

As a new member I’m thinking similar things Daniel. If a member of the Webflow team could clear some of these things up that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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