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Prototyping app in Webflow?

What’s best practice when designing & prototyping an app within Webflow?

Firing this up in Safari for iPhone keeps the Address bar and buttons, is there a app out there that are decluttered? Wouldn’t that be a good addon for @Webflow? A native app for prototyping app development?

Obviously just blueprints, but you get the idea:

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The first time you browse your app on mobile, add it to your homescreen, it removes a bit of safaris’ UI and feels like a web app.

Yeah, that used to work, but since iOS 8 that seems to be removed.

What? I would be aware… (: I’m using this all the time, since iPhone OS 1 to iOS 8 (:

Hmmm, anyways. Solved it.

I failed to mention I’m using Adobe Edge Inspect when developing for mobile. Allows more than preview, also… code inspection. It comes with CC subscription.

Worth mentionning, when I’m graphic designing UIs, I’m using Skala Preview and Skala View for mobile preview. It’s the best!