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Webflow design to include Webapp for hand held devices

Having spent few days on trying to view and operate a simple design like a blog on the iPhone - it’s almost dictating itself that a web design must also have an option to look like an app rather than a browser design.

This would eliminate the browser nav menus (headers and footer menus) that keep interfering with the web design elements.

In optional design for phones - Pages could be like cards that flip up n down entirely and nav menus could be made more dynamic and flexible.


This is currently possible. Set the browser nav menus (and any other elements that you don’t want to show up on mobile) to only show up on the desktop.

Then, create new “more dynamic and flexible” menus, and add interactions to the pages so the “flip up n down.” Make these only visible on mobile.

With Webflow, if you can imagine it, you can make it (almost always :slight_smile:)

Hope this helps!

Hello Jacob !

When I mentioned browser - I meant safari footer and header (with search bar, bookmarks etc.) that show up on scrolling. So you end up having your web-design nav bars plus the Safari nav bars/footers taking up the real estate and interfering with user interaction.

Also if you can point me towards how to move pages like cards = when one flicks the whole card/page sections gets replaced with new page sections/card with say a list of items etc. - would be very kind of you.

Oh, I see. I don’t think there is a way to take away the browser bars… :frowning: That would be really cool though.

As for swiping through the cards, I would use a slider. By default, a slider allows “swipe gestures” on touch screen devices. :slight_smile:

I would then create a custom interaction for changing slides.