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Create App prototype in webflow

Hey everyone,

I’m working on my final project redesigning an app and I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to build the prototype. I’ve been thinking if it would be possible to do the whole thing in webflow, export the project, and then use something like PhoneGap to create an actual app.

My project is focused on the design but need to showcase an interactive prototype. I had in mind using Invision Studio or trying Framer X but the idea of submitting an app could be very nice, just trying to figure out if its doable.


phoneGap is for android/ios/windows apps (Webflow export code is not for apps but for sites) + anyway you should know code to work with phonegap and maybe use base code from HTML5 Hybrid apps frameworks.

Webflow on of the Best prototyping tools
On webflow you could create the app structure - without a lot of ideas of tiny apps (Like scroll tabs, no page refresh and so on) - but it could work fine and fast. awwwards Best Prototyping Tools for 2018 (Webflow in the list).

Almost similar to app (Animations, transition and so on) - the best/simple solution i know is invision (Works great with a lot of animations and ideas).

I do know code (HTML,CSS and JS) the idea is to be able to create the prototype in webflow and then export the code and somehow (if anyone knows how plz help) put it together as a web app.

I could code it from scratch but since I have been focusing a lot on UX I don’t have much time, so I thought webflow could save me some time.

My other options are Invision and I was checking Framer X which looks super interesting but the sharing option is not so good (you can share a link but as soon as you close the project/computer the link wont work…)

What kind of app are you going to made up? And which platform will you use for that?

Right now I’m just working on the design. After my project is finished I will work with developers to implement the design.
The current app is native for both IOS and Android but they are thinking of going react Native. There is nothing set yet and it will be in the future so right now I’m just thinking of the project submission and for that I just need a working prototype.

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App for both version iOS and Android. I think this would be nice. Carry on brother.

Often for the development of prototypes in my company they use programs such as: InVision, Justinmind and Marvel. Also, I can recommend read this article about similar topic: