Anyone prototyping Phonegap mobile apps using Webflow?

I’m looking in to some modern prototyping tools and was wondering if anyone had experience using Webflow for Phonegap mobile apps. I’ve tried and Flinto and they get you something that appears functional and is easily shareable in short order. However the code they generate, if they do, is mostly unusable. The ideal scenario would be to quickly mockup an app and deliver it to the client for approval. Then export the code and hand it off to the development team to build out a functional app bit by bit using a MEAN stack. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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Hi, I have used PhoneGap build tool, with sites that are exported from Webflow, the thing is, that you need to export site and code the mobile app yourself with the resulting Webflow code and then submit your finished html/code to the phonegap build process.

I hope this helps, Cheers, Dave


Is this still possible to accomplish? I noticed the links don’t work anymore.

Hi @paulmalabanan, thanks for letting me us know about the phonegap build tool link. Looks like the old link no longer valid. I have updated that to point to Phonegap build tool page.


Mockplus is a good solution for rapid prototyping. Really easy to use and learn.