What project management software would you recommend for B2B?

Hi everyone,

Right now we are using ASANA to manage tasks and projects for multiple clients (100+ contractors) and I believe we set it up incorrectly in the beginning. Now that my staff is growing, I need to add more seats, but the problem is that our clients are setup as TEAMS and I would have to pay for the premium feature for every single client, which would be a ridiculous amount of money every month. Since ASANA has very poor customer service (I can’t even find a phone number to call!), I was thinking of switching over to another service. Which workflow software would you recommend for the following:
-We have over 100+ contractors we deal with
-Each contractor submits projects, and each projects have several tasks (services) that they request
-Each project may have 3-4 tasks (services) that need to be tasked to different workers
-I would need about 15-20 users and I’m looking for something that is cost efficient

Thank you in advice for your help!

I would recommend you Easynote. You can all register on this link. It is free to use for the early adopters. You can add 20 users with no problems and deliver tasks as you will. You will have the full support when ever you require. It is the best cost effective alternative that is coming in hot in 2021.