Company Needs; Can Webflow do it?

Hi everyone! :grin:

A company came to me last week and asked for a website that met these needs, I was wondering if it’s possible with Webflow or with a 3rd party program hooked into Webflow?:

"A website will be developed to manage the purchase, registration and monitoring of Gift Card products.

Each corresponding product will be available along with a schedule of premiums. Initial account activations will include pre-set amounts to achieve annual premium coverage. The member’s account and statements would available online 24/7. :timer: Paper statement options will not be available. Reloads will be available online and at point-of-sale locations.

Please note the proposed site should have plug in capabilities for 3rd party payment vendors. For example, we may use a Bank of America merchant processing system to process online transactions. So there is no need to actually build that component just the code to allow interface with providers who already offer the service. :hushed:

In summary, we are in need of site that will allow account establishment, management, data storage and transfer." :dizzy_face:

Thanks guys, and long time no see. Glad to see all these new designers here. Keep being wondrous. :smiley:


At the moment, there are several key aspects of the site you want to build than can’t be made with Webflow only, yet.

The most important being a user system and its management. (user account, personal space, profile and purchase history…)

Another one is the e-commerce part, although ecommerce wefbow sites are possible by using a 3rd party commerce solution such as shopify.

Now, there are technical solutions to design the front end of your site with Webflow and use it for your project.

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