Programmatic SEO impact: Webflow landing page vs app domain

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I’ve been trying to find an answer for this everywhere but can’t seem to nail it down. If anyone here has any experience with this I’d love some help.

We are looking to make use of multiple website pages to cater for long-tailed keyword searches.

Company - a chef hire platform.
Aim - we want to be there for long tail searches like “Italian private chef hire Mayfair”
Tech stack - Webflow landing page ( app search page + product pages (
We have a choice of doing this on Webflow or Here would be the setup at the moment for each:


  • SEO friendly and optimised pages
  • Since these wouldn’t have the “app.” pre-fix, would they have more authority on google?


  • does not have an external API so we would need to manually generate the pages
  • The webflow pages would not be dynamic (iFrames are a no-go) so would probably just be the landing page with edited text

  • We’d be able to filter dynamically the chefs (product pages) that would be relevant to the URL - a better user experience


  • I worry that the app domain from bubble wouldn’t actually rank due to’s poor SEO mechanisms as well as that it’s lower in our website hierarchy

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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To give context, I am no expert - this is just what I have picked up from advice so far. Any help much appreciated!

I can’t tell you anything about, but it looks like a community platform. If it also has no API, I can’t imagine how that would make your work easier. That said, most platforms today allow you to apply a custom domain at the higher paid tiers, so app. should not be relevant.

If your goal is SEO, your domain and URL path are important parts of that.

Webflow + CMS would give you most of what you want, and you can create a very nice UX as well if you plan the navigation out.

If it were me building this, I’d build the Webflow site and CMS, and then build a back-end publishing system that would push and update content through the API. These would go to keyword-rich page URLs, like…

You can probably do that effectively using e.g. Airtable + Make, but I haven’t tried that setup. The bigger challenge is how to create and manage good content across a huge range of long-tail pages. You’ll need an army of copywriters. Or one good AI.

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Thanks Mike this is really helpful!

Hey everyone,

I use both Webflow and Bubble so here are my 2cents. At the time of this comment, Bubble is working on page performance with server-side rendering which will sort most of SEO issues.

But at the current state, I would definitely go with Webflow to create high performing SEO pages unless you have a lot of user generated content (i.e people writing content on your app that you want to rank on Google).

There are many tutorials on Internet to do Programmatic SEO on Webflow or Bubble. It’s a lot of setup using multiple nocode tools to create programmatic SEO pages from a spreadsheet.

I’ve created a tool that solves just that problem and help you get started with Programmatic SEO under 10 minutes. All you have to do is import your csv file, create a template with the help of an AI writer and when you are happy with your content, generate pages and publish them to Webflow or Bubble. No manual errors, no duplicate content, no coding skills required.

You can try it here: