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SEO implications of 1 domain & 2 servers

We currently have our core product built on React & hosted on AWS.

Planning to use Webflow to design & host landing pages, which will have the domain masked, so that it appears as

That will mean that we have one domain ( and 2 servers (i.e. AWS for core product & Webflow for landing pages).

What impact does this have on SEO? And how should we minimise any potential negative impact on SEO?

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Hi Jamie,

The company I work for does something similar. We have 1 main site “” and we host hundreds of landing pages on “” that’s masked as “

Google will catch you if you try:

From what you described, I see no reason why you would get a penalty,click here and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see common ways people try and trick Google

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Guys… do you check domain availability ?
What seo tools do you use to promote your site and rank it higher?
I came across a good thing which helps to check websites traffic stats .
Do you know anything like this?