External Rest API + Webflow = Good SEO?

Hey everyone!

I’m creating our event directory app new landing page on Webflow. Previous was built on bubble and wordpress. I need to automatically display all events and old articles to the new page on webflow (like CMS), using the rest API.

I do not want to just transfer the data and discontinue the bubble version of the app cause users keep using it - but bubble has terrible SEO.

Can I display the data on webflow using Rest API BUT also have good SEO like in Webflow CMS?

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Hi there! Not sure what you’re trying to do exactly, but the SEO will be taken care of on the Webflow side.

I do something similar with a job board site where employers can post vacancies and job seekers can browse openings. So what I do in my case:

  • The employer’s side is a Ruby on Rails app where employers can buy credits and post openings
  • The job seeker side is a Webflow site
  • I then push data from the Rails app into the Webflow app through the Webflow REST API

That’s exactly what I need! Do you use it on Webflow CMS or just Webflow? And also why you need the Webflow API instead of the Rails app Rest API?