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I’m new to Webflow and I’m trying to create a C2C marketplace where customers can list their products to sell to others (i.e Ebay) and was wondering if there’s an automated way to use form submissions (gather product data) and Zapier to auto-create a new product listing on my Webflow website. I’d also want customers to be able to update their listings as needed (image, price, etc). Is this possible with Webflow and Zapier combined?

Hey John,

For a system like this, you have a few problems to solve.
First is Memberships, since you need to know who is using the site, in order support;

  • Creating and editing items
  • Notifying buyers/sellers of communication
  • Wishlists, watchlists, etc

Webflow Memberships is in BETA and making progress, you might try that. MemberStack is a 3rd party solution, but has a ton of capability and has been around for some years.

Second is the Listings and CMS updating.

Yes, you can use Zapier to process e.g. a Listing edit operation, and push those updates back into the CMS.

Note that Webflow does not have a built-in way to populate a form from the CMS, so you’ll have a bit of coding here, but easy stuff.

Your Add Listing, Edit Listing, Delete Listing pages will all be secured, meaning only logged-in users can perform those tasks. So will the My Listings list.

Webflow Logic is headed in this direction as well, and may integrate well with Webflow Memberships.

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thank you very much!