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A Score/Rating System for Webflow


I am creating a website that one of the features of it is being able to rate or score games, and maybe other forms of media or entertainment down the line. Like the ones sites like meteoritic, rotten tomatoes, gamester, and other sites have (like a 1-10 decimal or out of 100% rating). So the trouble I’m running into is that Webflow doesn’t have a scoring or rating feature/widget, I have tried to look for one third party but overtime I do a search I only run across ratings for Webflow itself and not a program related to scoring/ratings (might be how I’m wording the search?). But to get to the point, I am trying to either find a third party source that I can download said feature from for the site I’m building, or I can atlas cap the code for one and use the “embedded” widget in Webflow to create on (if thats how it works). So if anyone knows where I can get one or has the code for one that would greatly appreciated. Also I didn’t know which category this topic fits best so if its in the wrong place apologies. Thanks in advanced.

Hey @Zephiel157

Webflow doesn’t have widgets or plugins so you’ll struggle to implement this without knowledge of Javascript, PHP and AJAX.

Generally the issue with these systems is that they need a database to store and retrieve the ratings data which is where things become complicated. There’s a good tutorial on this here:

There are a number of rating librares out there - primarily jQuery based - but you’ll need to have a working knowledge of this and PHP/AJAX, possibly MySQL in order to make them function. Here’s a few examples:

If its an absolute must for your site then i’d recommend either:

  1. Finding someone with programming experience who can help you implement the system
  2. Using Wordpress. There are a bunch of rating system plugins that you can just install and the hard work is done for you


Awesome, thanks for the answer. I’ve tried Wordpress before and it just wasn’t my cup of tea, I honestly have an easier time with Webflow. So I will work through it or have a friend help me out. Thanks for the info.

No problem man. If you’ve got a friend who is comfortable with PHP & MySQL they should be able to handle it for you :slight_smile:

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