Product Collection

Hello, I feel like this is a dumb question.

I have a collection of products
I need to add the items one by one to
four different static pages.

Reason is the products change from time to time
and I wanted to have the product in a collection
so when its changes it will up date on all four pages.

What I am seeing is I will need to create a separate collection
for each product… Which is possible to do but not sure if that
is the smart way to do it.

Any suggestions I have 37 products that are menu Items
for a menu at 4 different restaurants… But not every restaurant
carries the exact same items. So thats where im having some issues

right not there are 4 separate pages and the text and photos
are manually placed on each page, but when they have a price
change I have to go to each page to each item and change it.

I hope this is enough information

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Conditional Visibility - an excellent choice to use here! You can find it in the Settings tab of a dynamic element.

I would suggest maybe adding a field into the product collection that includes the location of the restaurants the product is available at.

Hope this helps!


Create 1 Collection of Products. This also creates what is called a ‘dynamic page’ for that collection.

Create 4 pages (each being the different restaurant locations). You could then include a dynamic list on these ‘static pages’ (i.e. a regular page), and set conditional visibility of the list to be set at “Name Equals [location name]”, and voila!

That should be easier I think - AND since most of the content can be created before dropping in a dynamic list element, you could save the page as a Symbol for use on the 3 other pages you gotta make.

(Don’t save dynamic lists in Symbols.)

OK, Thank you for your answer
I agree that is the way to do it…
But my skill level is so low at this point.
to search webflows help videos for any
information on how that is done.

Nothing yet. found. Li

I know what your saying I just don’t know how to do it.

Each Menu Item has a restaurant it is available at.
But the Value area in the Add Condition area
should it be linked to the Restaurant name

I just dont know how webflow does this.

Send a Video over if you can,
I cannot find one WebFlow Produced

Ok, give me a few and I’ll get ya some info!

Thank You very much

Call me if needed at

Link doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

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Fixed. Should work now.

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Thank you, Im going over it and over it

Great Job.

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